Sixth Grade
Yohai's interest in cats continued into his individual project for sixth grade, and he wrote on superstitions relating to cats throughout history and in various cultures. That work is on the Hebrew version of this site. He wrote a great deal in notebooks: wordplay, jokes, and a humorous "test-yourself" quiz to see if you are gifted. He wrote humor and satire all the time. When Yohai took tests in school, he never studied for them and finished them early; to keep from being bored in the classroom, he'd draw sketches or comics on the back of the test, or at the bottom of the page. Some comics were based on tv characters; others look very much like computer games, with figures jumping, moving to other "levels" and overcoming dangers. He sketched a Pacman game; it was one of his favorites in the early years of computer games. Yohai made up crosswords and riddles; he loved learning new jokes and began injecting his humor into English, too. The cat was a dominant subject in his drawings, and in the summer of 1995, Yohai's cat, Gigi, had six kittens.