Yohai Levanon

Son of Leslie and Yair, Yohai was born on October 8th, 1983, in Haifa, Israel.
With big blue eyes and soft locks of blonde hair, Yohai was a gorgeous baby who grew up to be a handsome young man.
By the age of four he already stood out with his remarkable comprehension and memory. Indeed, by that age he could read and calculate simple fractions. From his first years in the Reali elementary school, he was fascinated by math and chess, two spheres in which he also excelled. At the age of nine, Yohai was diagnosed as a gifted child, and was referred to a special class for gifted pupils. His attraction to learning, and especially self-learning, was one of Yohai's outstanding characteristics. Thanks to his capability for fast reading, without any loss of content, he could grasp an enormous amount of material in a very short time.
While studying in high school Yohai simultaneously studied for his B.A. in economics and management at the Open University. He graduated from both schools approximately at the same time, and from both he graduated with honors.
Integrity was second nature to Yohai. Just as he aspired to excel in his studies, towards people, he was strictly honest. He never lied or cursed.
Yohai loved to laugh. His cheerful laugh filled every place he attended, whether at home, in a classroom or in the barracks. Everywhere, people were familiar with, and appreciated his special humor. His distinctive memory helped him remember every joke or funny anecdote, and to tell it on the right occasion and place.
Yohai joined the military service willingly and with great hope that his unique talents would be appreciated and be used for worthy causes. He leaves behind parents, an older brother and an older sister.