Eighth Grade
Yohai produced a rich amount of English work: first, in a notebook diary (presumably a diary), he described his cats, his turtles, books he'd read about cats, how he was photographing cats for photography club, and he drew riddles for his teacher. Some of this reads like a dialogue between Yohai and his English teacher. He describes a few magic tricks he performed, also. Yohai never liked writing about himself or his feelings, but his likes and dislikes show through clearly in this writing. At the end of the school year, pupils collected class assignments into an English portfolio, reproduced here in full. Outside of school, Yohai kept busy studying math, playing chess and computer games, taking an interest in politics, enjoying movies. He expressed an interest in studying economics, but the "young students" club he registered for several years never had enough candidates to open. Yohai ate breakfast and lunch with his parents, but usually dinner was different for every family member. It was his habit to stand in a doorway, with arms crossed, as a signal for dinner; other times, he'd pass notes to Mom, to hint that it was time to prepare his dinner. These are typical notes. And a few cat caricatures from this year.